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[, one talks about Chemistry!]

Welcome to my site!

Yes, the site in under work, there is still a lot to do ; however, I hope you will imagine it's growing around a well-established and chemical skeleton! By this way, I wish you might find what you are seeking or you may remark amazing surprise among those I am attaching here!

Waiting for the final status, I may clear that all the contents relate Chemistry, you will find historical notes asides several interesting experimental overcomes made by chemical process as matter as basic or finer levels.


Now, let I clear that this site treats about Chemistry across the finest detail I will be able to pursue, I mean Chemistry History and Philosophy, Applied ChemistryBiological Items and more is coming : all those aims I articulated in the way exposed in related menus.

Finally, let I thanksgive the colleagues of CHEMISTRY VIEWS, the german web-site who deals and divulgates chemical culture by a very wide feature ; here, my site's menu hosts an apposite joint-venture (CH. VIEWS (Link To)), but I suggest readers to visit directly what they do [click].